Is SEO a good marketing strategy?

SEO or search engine optimization has become a popular marketing strategy as of late. But is it well warranted? In this article we’ll dive into what SEO is and if it’s something every business should consider implementing in their marketing.

SEO is optimizing your site in a way that tells search engines you deserve to be found when people are searching for what you offer. Basically, it’s getting your website on page 1 of Google in most cases, for particular search terms.

Google has become a giant company over the recent years. It gets over billions and billions of visitors every year. So is it worth your time to take some of those visitors? Hopefully the answer is an obvious and resounding yes.

You see, marketing is all about attention. If you want to market your product or service effectively you need to gain the attention of a prospective customer or client. That’s why there’s such a term as “marketing gimmics,” because businesses become desperate to gain the attention of consumers.

So is SEO a good way to get attention?

Well let’s get in the mind of the person searching. Let’s say a company in the Detroit, Michigan area is looking for an SEO agency to hire for their marketing. And let’s say the company searches something like Detroit SEO expert Do you think they’re going to scroll through all the pages to find a company they like? No. In fact, 98% of the time they will choose a site on the first page.

Most searches have hundreds of thousands or even millions of competing website, so if you land on page 1, you’re the top 10 of all those competing sites. Hopefully, you’re beginning to see the value of using SEO as well as the difficulty it takes to get to page 1. That’s why, using the previous example, that company out in Michigan has to make sure they hire the right Detroit SEO company

The fact that so many people go to Google to look for products or services or information in general means that SEO is definitely an important marketing strategy for business owners to consider. In some cases it’s absolutely necessary.

Now, if you’re offering something that no one is searching for then no it doesn’t make sense. Because it can be costly and if no one is searching for what you offer, you’ll never make an ROI. But if you are being found for something that lots of people are searching for then it is definitely essential to hire the right company who specializes in SEO so you can ensure page 1 success. They have the tools to determine if you have something lots of people are searching for and a good company will make that a strong focus.

More and more people are turning to Google for information. And it seems pretty clear that it will continue to rise. You don’t necessarily need to figure out how to do SEO yourself, but you very well need to be aware of it and look to implement it. SEO is always changing so if you’re running your business full time, it would be wise to find a trusted company who does SEO full time.

Hope this article was of value to you and good luck on your future endeavors!